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Beware Of Inaccurate MPG And EPA Ratings

Several news outlets have revealed in recent articles that the tested MPG and EPA reported for cars is, in most cases, inaccurate and does not match the actual MPG and EPA a car will get while being driven by the owner.

One of the main reasons for this, according to experts, is highway vs city driving. The car companies report MPG and EPA data regarding only vehicles traveling on the highway, where vehicles usually experience ideal speeds and find no need for braking. Actual in-town driving features varied speeds and obvious stops along the way. Therefore, the numbers and data car companies report for MPG and EPA values are not a lie per say, simply one side of the coin.

To learn more about how you should research MPG and EPA ratings, read the full article here:

Here’s Why Real-World MPG Doesn’t Match EPA Ratings

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