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BMW Quits Group Safety Testing Of New Auto Refrigerant

According to a series of news agencies, BMW has reportedly decided to stop participating in the group testing of a new car refrigerant.

The company decided to step down from its position as one of the automakers to participate in a research program that has been investigating how safe a new air conditioning refrigerant is and, according to sources, the company decided to pull out of the project over disagreements concerning the test methods.

Reports show that the company joined Audi and Daimler before final findings are scheduled to be published.

A BMW spokesperson said the company continues to do its own test and research independently from the group research. According to the firm, its researchers are not convinced methods being employed to test the devices suffice when it comes to achieve a conclusion concerning how safe this new refrigerant is and if it’s a good alternative for what’s in use.

According to some of the reports, the new refrigerant is a product that could release a toxic gas when it burns, which is now being studied.

To learn more about this product and the study the automakers are developing to ensure it’s safe, click here for the full article.

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