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BMW Recalls Multiple 1-Series, 3-Series And Z4 Models

Multiple news agencies have reported that the automaker BMW has reported that all units of the 2008 through 2012 1-Series, 2007 through 2011 3-Series convertibles, coupes, sedans and sports wagons and 2009 through 2011 Z4 vehicles have been recalled.

These vehicles may experience an unexpected loss of electrical power, which could happen due to an issue with the vehicle’s positive cable connector and other components on the fuse box, which could eventually degrade over time. Reports show that if that occurs while the vehicle is in use, the engine will stall and an accident may occur. To prevent any potential accidents, the company has reported that all units of recalled vehicles will be fully repaired for free.

The company will contact affected consumers. If you have any of the recalled models, contact BMW and ask about scheduling a visit to a local dealership at once. Responding to recall reports concerning products and vehicles you own promptly is important and it could save lives.

Stay alert and never ignore a recall announcement, especially if it’s related to an issue that could pose an accident hazard.

To learn more details on this recall announcement and how to have your vehicle promptly repaired for free, click here for the full report.

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