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BMW to Develop Car-to-Car Communication Technology

According to several news agencies, the German automaker BMW has recently announced that it has been working on advancing their safety technology by creating communication technologies that would allow vehicles to communicate with other vehicles in the future.

The car-to-car communication technology could be soon helping drivers with vital information that would avoid accidents and make travels much safer for everyone.

At this moment, some features based on the car-to-car communication technology are already in use. Features that warn or alert the drivers that an object, car or pedestrian are approaching are already in use. Now, researchers and engineers are developing systems that would allow vehicles to communicate with one another in order to obtain important information concerning the traffic and other vehicles, increasing safety for everyone sharing the road.

This new technology could mean that the way we drive could be changing for better.

Many companies working on different auto-to-auto communication technologies are still unsure of how to coordinate features and warning methods, since every company has its own particular set of functions and features that are designed to alert drivers on potential risks ahead. One of Europe’s major manufacturers have reported that the first auto communication systems should be ready for production in 2015.

BMW has reported that the technology being developed known as vehicle-to-vehicle communication infrastructure, or V2X, will be capable of capturing readings from the vehicle to identify speed, how fast windscreen wipers are operating, how often and how hard to brakes are being applied in order to warn other drivers how the traffic is. According to the automaker, the system would read the speed in which the windscreen wipers are going as a way to indicate to other drivers just how heavy the rain is. This information could be important to other drivers who may wish to avoid that region due to the heavy rain.

While the technology is still being developed and systems are still not one hundred percent accident-proof, the company has urged consumers to simply focus on the road ahead at all times and avoid distractions to avoid accidents.

If you happen to be involved in a collision, make sure to stop your vehicle, contact the authorities and wait for help at the scene.

Hopefully, more automakers and other companies will be developing reliable technologies that will ensure drivers, pedestrians and passengers are safe at all times. Follow this link to read the whole article and learn more about this technology.

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