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BMW Unveils 2014 i3, Experts Weigh In

According to the news, the new BMW i3 has been unveiled and experts take a look into BMW’s all electric compact.

Experts say that this model is a true lightweight vehicle that is capable of seating four occupants. It offers a strong performance in spite of its all-electric technology. This vehicle’s steering column houses important controls, which resulted in the elimination of the center console. The central display, a 6.5-inch instrument cluster and a small screen designed for climate and audio controls occupy the center space.

This model is a real city dweller, reports show. In spite of its efficiency and passenger-friendly seats, experts are still not sure of how the 2014 BMW i3 will hold up to the competition, especially because of how strong rivals like the Nissan Leaf and the Ford Focus Electric are in the market today. More automakers should be interested in developing better, safer and more fuel-efficient auto technology in this day and age.

Consumers looking into making a well-thought decision on what car to buy should take safety and economy into consideration while looking.

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