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Brands That Had The Most Models Chosen As Top Picks

Multiple news agencies have reported that at least ten car brands have been mentioned most frequently in announcements of Top Picks during the past 17 years.

What the news agencies have indicated is that Toyota is the vehicle with the most models listed as Top Picks. Many carmakers have never made the top ten, while others like Honda and Toyota seem to always make vehicles that are safe and reliable enough to be listed as a Top Pick. According to the reports, in the past 17 years, Japanese brands have been listed under Top Picks listings 131 times. This accounts for 50 percent of all models listed as Top Picks by Consumer Reports. Since 1997, Toyota has been present 48 times while Honda has been present with 34 models.

Ford follows in third place with nine models picked as a Top Pick and GM with seven. Up until 1998, Chrysler models made it to Top Picks only three times.

The official list shows that Toyota was present in Top Picks listings 48 times in 17 years, Honda was present 34 times, Subaru was present 13 times, Lexus was mentioned 12 times, Mazda was present with 10 models, Ford and Volkswagen were present with 9 models each while Chevrolet, Hyundai and Infiniti were mentioned with 7 models in the last 17 years.

Data indicates that Toyota’s most popular vehicle, Prius, has earned the Top Picks wards for Green vehicle every year for 10 years in a row. The Japanese automaker has led the industry since 1997 when it comes to Top Picks of SUVs. Some of its most popular models, which were also Top Picks, include the 4Runner, the RAV4, Highlander, and the Lexus RX. These models have been winning consistently, which makes Toyota one of the most reliable brands in the market.

Chrysler Corp. hasn’t been able to have any of its models listed as a Top Pick since 1998, reports show. The last model that made this list was the 1998 Grand Cherokee. Honda Accord has made it to Top Picks listings at least nine times, Consumer Reports indicated. This makes the Honda Accord model the country’s top family sedan. Due to recent competition and demand for more sporty, affordable and fun-to-drive models that are also fuel-efficient, several brands like Mazda, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Scion, Volkswagen and Subaru had vehicles listed as Top Picks in the last couple of years.

In 1997, domestic automakers earned four Top Picks with Detroit automakers topping the list while European makers earned Top Picks in 1998. Since then, only Japanese and other automakers have made the top lists. From 1998 to 2004, Volkswagen kept being listed with its Passat sedan as a Top Pick.

When it comes to pickup trucks, Ford, Toyota and Chevrolet have made the Top Picks more often than others. Chevrolet had six pickup trucks in the list, Toyota had three and Ford had four.

Since 2008, Korean automakers have joined the exclusive club and have been mentioned at least once every year since then.

For the full article and more details on these vehicles, click here for the full report.

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