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Bues Recalled By Starcraft, NHTSA Reported

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has indicated that multiple buses manufactured by Starcraft have been recalled after it was noted the Ricon-manufactured wheelchair lift could eventually pose a fire risk to users.

These wheelchair lifts were equipped with additional pendant cables that are armored. The way in which the device was installed during assembly could leave unprotected or uncovered cables exposed because it doesn’t give enough clearance to the wheelchair when it’s in use. If there isn’t enough clearance, the cables with no-conductive covers may come in contact with the power lug, which could then lead to a short circuit.

The NHTSA has reported that the affected vehicles can be repaired with the help of a supplemental cover kit that should be provided for free.

Follow this link to read more about this recall or to learn more about how you should contact the manufacturer in order to obtain your free repair kit.

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