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C-Max, Focus & Escape Recalled By Ford

Ford has recently recalled a series of vehicles over a potential for child injury.

According to several media outlets, Ford’s 2013 C-Max, Focus and Escape SUVs are being recalled in both the U.S. and Canada over an issue that could pose a risk to child passengers.

The reports indicate that these vehicles were equipped with child locks in the rear doors that may have been manufactured incorrectly. If the lock is only engaged when the driver uses more force, the driver may fail to notice that the lock is not fully on and the child may be injured if the door is not locked properly while the vehicle is in motion. The company stated that a recent investigation led to the discovery of this issue, and to prevent any injuries, it proceeded to contact the NHTSA in order to issue this recall right away.

To prevent a potential injury risk, the company has reported that all units of the affected vehicles will be fully repaired for free at authorized dealers.

As an attorney, I encourage car owners to never ignore a recall announcement, especially if its’ related to a problem that could increase the risk of an injury. California car owners with any of the hybrid versions of the C-Max, Fusion or the Escape SUVs should contact the manufacturer as soon as possible. Consumers who have dealt with lemons in the past know how frustrating it can be to have a recalled and defective vehicle. If you were affected, you are encouraged to follow this link for the full report and to learn exactly what you should do to have your vehicle repaired.

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