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Car Safety Seat Campaign Launched

Parents are still mostly unaware of the risks associated with failing to install and utilize car safety seats correctly.

According to a recent report, too many children are seriously injured in car accidents and because of that, the correct use of car safety seats has never been more important. An accident that could have claimed the life of a child has prompted a mother to talk about how important it is to install the car safety seat correctly and keep the child strapped properly while riding in a vehicle.

Reports show that a vehicle crashed into a wall and a telegraph pole, which resulted in injuries. The parents were rushed to the hospital but the child was saved from being severely injured because the car safety seat was well installed and secure.

The local authorities decided to produce information packs with details concerning car safety seats that will be distributed to parents who attend to clinics for children who are six to 12-months-old.

The mother involved in this accident is backing this campaign and asking parents to beware of how important it is to ensure their children are safely strapped in a car safety seat that is designed for their child’s weight, age and height.

Hopefully, more campaigns will be carried out to keep children safe and ensure parents are aware of how to safely install and prepare these devices to keep their children safe in the event of an accident.

For more on this campaign, click here for the full article.

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