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Car Safety Seat Event To Be Held In Lakewood Ranch

Multiple news agencies have reported that a car seat safety event will be held for free in Lakewood Ranch.

The reports show that parents are urged to participate in this event to learn more about how they should install and utilize the device in order to optimize its features. According to the news, this event is entirely free and open to the community. Recently, about 80 percent of all parents who participated in previous car safety seat events had incorrectly installed their children’s seat. Every month, the community is able to participate in events that teach parents how to fit a car safety seat, find the perfect match for their child and safely install the device in their cars. Nationally certified child passenger safety technicians are present in the event to teach parents how to safely install the devices and have their children safely placed in the devices.

Parents often make mistakes that could result in fatalities, especially when it comes to strapping their children to the car safety seat. If a child is not tightly strapped to the seat, he or she may be released from the device in the event of an accident. Ensure your child is safe by following safety instructions in order to install and use your car safety seat.

If you would like to learn more on the mistakes that happen more often when it comes to using car safety seats, follow this link for the full article and full details on the free car safety seat event.

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