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Car Safety Seat Program Launched

According to several news agencies, an accident that claimed the life of a 1-year-old has caused city officials to start a campaign that emphasizes the importance of using car safety seats at all times.

The reports show that PICCA has basically launched two programs to bring awareness to the risks associated with the improper use of car safety seats in the region of Ohio. The Early Head Start Program was developed to educate car safety seat owners before they install and use the device with their children. This program supplies a car safety seat and demonstrates how to install it and use it correctly.

The local Fire Department also offers a safety check of car safety seats, which is an event that anybody can participate.

Both of these events are available to Ohio residents. Parents across the country, however, are encouraged to follow the instructions in the safety manual that comes with the car safety seat device. By participating in local car safety seat checks you ensure your child is safe at all times while riding in a vehicle.

To learn more about these events and how to safely install and maintain your car safety seat, click here to read the full article.

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