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Carson Nissan Sued in False Down Payment Case

New Lawsuit Against Carson Nissan

The Vachon Law Firm announces the filing of the new lawsuit Levesque v. Carson Nissan, et al. in the Los Angeles County Superior Court (Case No. BC489207). The plaintiff is a Los Angeles consumer who is represented by the Vachon Law Firm. The defendant, Carson Nissan, is the a popular Nissan dealership in Carson, California.

Allegations Against Carson Nissan

The complaint alleges that the plaintiff visited Carson Nissan in July 2012, test drove a 2012 Nissan Versa, but was unable to make an immediate cash down payment in an amount sufficient to obtain financing for the vehicle’s purchase. The complaint goes on to allege that Carson Nissan falsified the amount of the plaintiff’s cash down payment in order to trick a lender into financing the deal, and that but for Carson Nissan’s illegal conduct the plaintiff would never have purchased the vehicle. The plaintiff seeks rescission of her purchase contract for the Nissan Versa and an injunction to prevent Carson Nissan from falsifying down payment amounts in future transactions.

Click here to read the complaint against Carson Nissan.

Note: The Los Angeles County Superior Court has not ruled on whether the complaint’s allegations are true.

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