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Cellcontrol Developed Technology That Blocks The Driver’s Phone

According to a series of news agencies, parents of teen drivers and fleet managers were recently given another tool to battle the distracted driving epidemic that has affected the entire nation.

Cellcontrol has designed a new technology that adds to its lineup of driver identification platform systems. Driver ID blocks the driver’s phone from being used while the vehicle is in use.

Passengers, however, are free to talk, text or browse the Internet while occupying the vehicle.

The product should be available during the second semester. Consumers can add a solar-powered DriveID standalone device that is especially useful to fleet owners. The device can be placed on the vehicle’s windshield. According to the company, the Bluetooth technology enables the device to integrate with Cellcontrol. This could help the company to enforce usage policy efficiently.

You can read more about this technology and how to obtain it by following this link.

As an attorney, I’m glad that companies are working hard to ensure that drivers are safe at all times. I encourage California drivers who are interested in learning more about these safety technologies and features to do your research before settling on one product. Some different distracted driving technologies could offer features that meet your particular needs. Also encourage your teens to stay safe by not using their phones while behind the wheel.

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