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Chevy Volts, Cadillac ELR To Sport New Three-Cylinder Engine

According to multiple news agencies, Chevrolet and Cadillac have recently uncovered a new engine concept for ELR and Volt vehicles.

The reports show that General Motors has recently developed a three-cylinder engine, which is a plant that hasn’t been approved yet but is on the books for future models.

At this moment, the Cadillac ELR and Chevrolet Volt models are plug-in hybrid fully equipped with 84-hp, 1.4-liter four-cylinder engines, which works along a 149-hp electric motor. General Motors and Chinese partners have developed a new engine concept that would first be available to Volt owners. ELR models would be equipped with the new engine about a year after the new Volt is announced.

According to GM, the reduction in weight may also curb fuel consumption, making these vehicles 15 percent lighter than previous models. Ford has already announced a three-cylinder engine for its new Fiesta model, which will be available for sale later this year. As an attorney, I’m glad GM has been developing new technologies to make vehicles more reliable and efficient. California motorists looking for even more efficient and reliable vehicles that will provide what they need when it comes to practicality and affordability, which are qualities consumers have been looking for in new vehicles. Consumers that have been affected by lemons in the past may feel compelled to look into new models to learn more about specs and details concerning the vehicles they might be interested in purchasing.

For the full article and more details on this story concerning how the new GM vehicles will soon be innovating the industry, follow this link to read more.

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