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Cisco & NXP Develop Car-To-Car Communication System

According to a recent article, Cisco has come together with NXP Semiconductors to combine forces and develop in-vehicle safety systems that could make a truly real-time wireless communication between cars a reality.

The reports indicate that this technology would make it possible for vehicles to communicate in order to alert other drivers of potential road hazards, which could lower the risks associated with potential crashes. According to the reports, the Cohda Wireless, a system that allows communications between moving vehicles, is now being partially funded by both Cisco and NXP.  The developer of this system are confident that this technology will enable drivers to have a better notion of what’s going on with the road ahead in order to avoid accidents in the future. Cohda, NXP and Cisco will be developing more technologies that would develop the communication system and add more features to its main capabilities, which could even work as a way to pave the way to intelligent systems that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles.

The car-to-car technology is still not available to consumers, however, developers hope to have this technology available soon.

For the full article, click here to read more details on this safety technology.

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