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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Classic Chariots

Lawsuit Alleges Classic Chariots Engaged in Widespread Falsification of Down Payment Amounts

In October 2011, the Vachon Law Firm filed the complaint to initiate the class-action lawsuit Graciano v. Classic Chariots, Inc., et al. in the San Diego County Superior Court (Case No. 37-2011-00058760). The defendant, Classic Chariots, Inc., operates a used car dealership in Vista, California. The lead plaintiff is a San Diego resident who is represented by the Vachon Law Firm.

Claims of Wrongdoing by Classic Chariots

The complaint in the Graciano v. Classic Chariots, Inc. et. al. lawsuit alleges that Classic Chariots sold the plaintiff a used Chevrolet Blazer that turned out to be a lemon. More specifically, it alleges that Classic Chariots breached the implied warranty of merchantability that accompanied the vehicle’s sale because the vehicle soon became inoperable. The complaint further alleges that Classic Chariots: (1) did not tell the plaintiff that the Chevy Blazer was previously a rental vehicle; (2) sold the Chevy Blazer for more than the price that Classic Chariots had advertised; and (3) did not give the plaintiff (who is Spanish-speaking) a Spanish language version of the automobile purchase contract before he signed the English version.

Class Action Allegations

The complaint further alleges that at the time the plaintiff purchased the Chevy Blazer no lender would have financed the deal because the down payment amount was insufficient. It goes on to allege that Classic Chariots falsified the down payment amounts in the Chevy Blazer’s contract with the intent to defraud a bank or other lender into financing the purchase. The complaint then alleges that Classic Chariots has an illegal business practice of falsifying down payment amounts and asserts a class action claim on behalf of all Classic Chariots customers whose down payment amounts were falsified.

Click here to read a copy of the complaint.

Note: The San Diego County Superior Court has not yet determined whether the complaint’s allegations are true.

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