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Cohda Brings Connected Auto Technology Closer To Consumers

Multiple news agencies have recently noted that an Australian car safety technology developer has recently reported that it has invested in the production of C2C technology, an auto connectivity technology that may help to improve safety by making roads and cars able to communicate with other vehicles.

According to the reports, Cohda Wireless announced in January that it would specialize in the development of wireless communication technology that would make automotive safety applications a reality.

The reports indicate that Cisco and NXP Semiconductors decided to invest in the startup. The technology concerning the car-to-car communications devices may improve safety due to its capacity to make vehicles communicate with one another in order to make traffic flow.

The technology has been tested around the globe, including the U.S., Europe and Australia. The technology will allow future generations of the technology to implement what the company has found in the testing of the system in order improve the device and make the communication technology more reliable.

Market-ready solutions that would meet the drivers’ needs and expectations are being developed. According to the reports, the Cohda Wireless C2C technology based on Wi-Fi standards can exchange data concerning the vehicle’s speed, location and direction, as well as information on what kind of hurdles or obstructions may lie ahead.

The company has stated that Cisco will bring its Internet expertise into the technology to work on solutions that will make these connected car devices available in a consumer-level.

Other auto safety devices manufacturers may quickly adopt this technology. According to the reports, the auto communication technology may be adopted by companies that develop electronic stability control technology in order to make the driving experience safer.

The Cohda Wireless car-to-car communication technology will add a tool that will allow a 360-degree awareness to the driver. The driver may not see another car due to a blind spot or corner or even a larger vehicle ahead, however, the technology will be capable of warning the driver beforehand, allowing the driver the awareness he or she needs before making a lane change. Once the technology detects a threat with the help of the car-to-car communication tool, it warns the driver quickly, which could improve the driver’s capacity of avoiding an accident.

The emerging Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems market has been seeing a growth in the number of companies developing communication technology that has been growing in order to develop software solutions to vehicles. Companies that could benefit from the innovation that the new auto communication technology could provide include equipment suppliers, automakers, road authorities, automotive chip makers, etc.

Cohda’s technologies and products are already being used in several countries including the United States.

To learn more about this technology and how drivers could be safer when using this communication device, follow this link for the full article.

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