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Company Develops Concept Car To Test Safety Technology

Multiple news agencies have reported that distracted driving is now an epidemic.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, 10 people are killed everyday in accidents involving distracted driving.

The reports indicate that Continental Automotive has decided to address the distracted driving issue by developing a concept vehicle that will be used by the company to test features and systems that would help automakers to combat driver distraction.

Continental has developed Driver Focus concept in order to integrate the active safety technology known as Advanced Driver Assistance with the visual Human-Machine Interface, a future interior monitoring system that would help drivers to stay safe by constantly scanning the vehicle’s external and interior environments. The concept vehicle will be used to test these technologies and other features in order to see how well drivers interact with the systems and how effective they are in avoiding accidents.

With the help of the technology the company will be testing how the systems integration will provide the driver with critical information concerning the road and potential hazards while also actively assisting when the motorist does not respond promptly due to distraction.

The concept vehicle is equipped with infrared driver analyzer cameras that are placed in the vehicle’s steering column, capturing the driver’s face and recognizing any facial expressions and behavior.

This camera will recognize if the driver seems drowsy or if he or she has looked away from the road ahead at the same moment an obstacle appear to have posed a risk.

Halo, a guidance feature integrated with the infrared camera, is the industry’s first 360 degree optical feature that will assist the driver with the help of ADAS technologies, designed to alert the motorist when the system detects critical situations.

Lane Departure Warning systems and Adaptive Cruise Control Takeover are also present in this concept vehicle. The LDW technology uses a camera to detect when the driver has allowed the vehicle to veer out of their lane when it’s unsafe to do so. The technology would warn the motorist if he or she becomes unaware of the traffic situation. The ACC Takeover is a radar-based technology that offers driver assistance by keeping a time gap between vehicles. Once the traffic requires more deceleration than a common adaptive cruise control system may provide to the vehicle, the ACC Takeover kicks in with the help of the 360 degree Halo technology.

The company, with the help of this concept car, is also testing forward Collision Warning technology. This sensor-based safety feature will help drivers to enjoy their drives much more than what they do now. As an attorney, I’m glad California drivers will soon be able to experience a safer driving experience with the help of this groundbreaking technology.

To learn more about this concept car, click here.

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