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Consumers Should Check Out Ratings, Reviews Before Buying Tires

According to experts, consumers should always check out reviews and ratings of tires before they decide to opt for one brand over another.

The reports show that experts tested nine performance winter tire models and 21 ultra-high performance tires designed for all season. Experts measured the distance it took for the vehicles using these tires to go from 5 to 20 mph and how secure the grip of each tire felt during tests.

According to the reports, all-season tires took longer distances to achieve 20 mph when compared to snow tires, which have better grip.

Most all-season tires, experts say, have disappointed during winter driving tests.

As an attorney, I urge drivers in California to ensure they have the right type of tire for their vehicle and the weather. According to experts, more tests will be performed to check for ride comfort and ice-braking capabilities. If you are interested in learning more about these tires and how well they have hold up during the tests, follow this link for the full review.

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