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Could Car Safety Seats With The LATCH System Be Dangerous?

Multiple news agencies have reported that some safety advocates have been claiming that the LATCH system in certain car safety seats could pose a serious risk to certain children who have not reached a certain weight limit.

The reports indicate that advocates have been urging parents to learn more about how the LATCH system can be faulty if car safety seats that use this particular type of latches are used to restrain children who do not reach a weight limit. According to the reports, the LATCH system should only be used if the child’s weight and the car safety seat weight combined equal or is greater than 65 pounds.

The law requires that manufacturers of car safety seats that carry the LATCH system make it evident the parents should only use the device if the weight requirement is met, however, parents often overlook these guidelines, placing their children in a car safety seat that may not be effective and may cause the child to be injured or even fatally wounded in the event of an accident.

The NHTSA decided to avoid regulating car safety seat warning labels until 2014. Agents claim that manufacturers need time to issue a warning to every consumer.

As an attorney, I believe that the public must be educated on this matter in order to prevent further injuries.

For more details on the car safety seats with the LATCH system, follow this link for the full article.

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