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Curious About California’s New Traffic, Safety Laws?

According to recent reports, new laws for drivers in California have now gone into effect.

The California Highway Patrol has stated that the new traffic safety laws have been designed to help protect motorists and make roads safer for everyone.
According to recent reports, the main changes include laws that allow drivers to text by using hands-free technology and other laws that would prohibit any underage drinking in charter-party carriers, which includes buses, limousines, etc. Drivers will also be able to show proof of insurance and registration on an electronic device whenever needed. Motorists with the Clean Air Vehicle Sticker on their cars will be granted free access to carpool lanes, which is part of the Choose Clean Cars Act.

Also, drivers in California who are able to show satisfactory proof of authorized presence in the United Stated but are ineligible for receiving a Social Security Number will be capable of qualifying to receive an original driver’s license.

According to the news, hospitals and other healthcare centers like birthing clinics are now required to train their staff to discuss details about child safety seat installation, requirements and inspection to all caregivers and parents upon discharge of an infant.

If you are a resident in California and you’re curious about the new laws and regulations, click here to read the full article.

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