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Did You Know You Can Lower Your Windows With Your Key Remote?

Multiple news agencies have been reporting that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has launched a nationwide campaign to make drivers of all states aware of the dangers their children could be exposed to if they are left unattended inside of hot vehicles with the windows rolled up.

According to the articles, vehicles can become much too hot and children could experience a heat stroke, which could turn out to be fatal. The campaign followed reports of child fatalities associated with hot cars, the federal agency reported.

If you are a parent or a babysitter and you have a child riding in the back seat, keep it in mind that you should never leave an infant in the back seat of a car with its windows rolled up, especially if it’s parked outside.

Since many parents have been concerned with this issue and often wonder how they can cool their vehicles before they have to take off with their infants in the safety seat in the back, certain specialists decided to remind car owners of an often forgotten feature most vehicles’ key remotes offer: the rolling down of car windows from a distance, which could help your car to cool down before you’re actually inside of it.

According to the reports, most vehicles are capable of allowing drivers to roll down their windows from a distance with the help of the key remote.

In some cases, the car owner can hold the unlock button, release it, then, hold the unlock button again until all windows are down. In vehicles that do not come with the key remote, the driver can place the key inside of the door lock, turn it clockwise, release it, then turn it the same way once again without bringing it back. The driver may hold the key down until all windows are rolled down.

The same feature will also open sunroofs and close convertibles’ tops.

According to several reports, this feature may vary from vehicle to vehicle and all car owners should be aware of its existence since it could help make your car less stuffy when you actually sit behind the wheel.

If you do not have the owner’s manual at your reach and you would like to learn more about this feature, you might want to check this link, which is where you can find the full article and a list with all automakers, their vehicles and how to access the window feature in each one of them.

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