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Do Not Ignore Certain Signs When Looking For Used Cars

According to some experts, there are certain signs consumers can look for in used cars that could help them to make a better decision when it comes to purchasing a previously-owned model.

Experts urge consumers to avoid certain cars without service history, in spite of how great of a deal it may seem. According to reports, owners of vehicles without any comprehensive service history could be hiding something the potential buyer should know. Experts also say that, cars without a service history may have not been serviced at all, which could be an issue since simple maintenance steps weren’t taken in order to keep the car running. Any used car should have a long service history since the introduction of computerized auto systems.

Settling for a vehicle with a short or non-existent service history could be costly in the long run and you don’t want to get stuck with a car that is expensive to put back into shape.

Experts also urge consumers to avoid purchasing any vehicle with a salvage title. Since insurance companies aren’t interested in losing money, vehicles written off as a total loss are exactly what you think they are: a total loss. If a car comes with a salvage title it means it was not worth the repair, otherwise, the insurance company would have fixed it already. If you’re interested in a used vehicle that is labeled as a salvage title, continue to search for a better car and stay out of trouble.

While looking for used cars, consumers should also take a good look at the vehicle’s tires. Finding a nice car with mismatched tires can mean trouble. According to specialists, tires usually wear out at similar rates due to the regular tire rotation and correct inflation. All four tires should, in most cases, match each other not only in make and model but also in size. Vehicles that are equipped with Chinese bargain-brand or misshaped tires should be avoided at all costs.

Consumers are also asked to avoid purchasing a car with brushstrokes in the paint. Experts say that brushstrokes can mean only one thing: if the car owner was careless enough to use house paint on their vehicle he may have given up on maintaining the rest of the car as well. There are several vehicles out there that have been labeled as art cars after name-brand artists took the time and care to decorate the exterior of the vehicles with themes and detailed brushstrokes, which is completely different from simply giving up on maintaining a car by using house paint to cover damages and hope nobody will notice.

By checking for some of these signs you may end up finding a great used vehicle for the price you’re hoping to get it for so don’t give up and pay attention to details.

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