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Do Small Cars Deliver When It Comes To Fuel Efficiency?

Multiple news agencies have been covering that cars are being engineered to be more fuel efficient than before. Contrary to what most may believe, popular midsize and compact models may not be the most fuel-efficient cars available today. Recent studies have indicated that midsize sedans have demonstrated to be able to get better or at least the same mileage than small vehicles that are non-hybrid.

Some specialists decided to test some small vehicles to learn if they live up to the expectations and deliver when it comes to the mpg estimates.

Five-passenger cars that were tested by experts include the Toyota Yaris, the Honda Accord, Nissan Altima and Mazda 6. According to experts, the Toyota Yaris was capable of getting 32 mpg overall in recent tests, which is slightly better than the other three vehicles tested. The Honda Accord delivered 30 mpg overall, while the Nissan Altima delivered 31 mpg approximately. The Mazda6 model tested got 32 mpg overall.

Small sedans have also been tested. The new Mazda3 and Toyota Corolla, which are both the most frugal models tested got the same mileage as the Yaris, 32 mpg. The new Ford Focus got about 31, but only when experts tested the model equipped with the special fuel economy package.

All other small sedans tested got between 26 and 29 mpg.

Multiple manufacturers offer midsize sedans with packages that provide better fuel efficiency, but too often, the packages are only available for a good sum that would defeat the purpose since the driver is spending with the car what he or she would be spending on gas. Some drivers do not have the money to pay for a more efficient vehicle.

Vehicles like the Passat TDI diesel and the Ford C-Max are able to deliver 37 mpg, which is more than any small sedan or even compact hatchback would get close to deliver. While investigating the features that make some vehicles more efficient than others, experts noted that aerodynamics could be a major factor. Longer sedans are capable of giving more room for air to flow, increasing agility and making the vehicle drive better on the highway.

Another factor is the fact automakers usually charge more for larger, more well-equipped vehicles, giving them features and innovated technologies that would improve the car’s fuel injection and make them much more fuel efficient than smaller cars with a simpler structure.

For the full article, the tests experts have performed and more on fuel efficiency, click here.

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