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Domestic Automakers Make A Full Comeback

According to several news agencies, automakers that are part of the Detroit Three are turning out to be more competitive and offer better vehicles than many other automakers.

The reports indicate that according to experts, a new study has indicated that domestic brands have been outperforming imports, which shows that Detroit’s major automakers are doing a fine job in developing strong and reliable models that Americans enjoy and find practical. Experts have reported that some of the vehicles that have made the 2013 Total Quality Index listing include Buick Enclave, the Dodge Dart and the Chevrolet Traverse.

The fact domestic automakers have been improving their products means that the competition has been pushing innovation and creating opportunity for the companies to develop the technology they need in order to make even better vehicles and make sure that the American public is offered what it needs when it comes to their auto needs.

In order to indentify the most reliable and loved brands among Americans, a survey was carried out by Strategic View. Over 442 variables were taken into consideration. The final list and the 2013 Total Quality Index can be found here.

Some of the vehicles mentioned included the Ford Fusion, Kia Soul, Chevrolet Volt, Honda Accord Crosstour, Volkswagen CC, Hyundai Genesis, Lexus LS, Audi A4, and the Chrysler 200 convertible. Read the full article to learn more about this index and the vehicles that it lists.

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