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DOT Asks Parents To Teach Teens About Car Safety

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that the Department of Transportation has decided to launch a new effort to get parents to teach their teens about safe driving.

According to the federal agency, 1,963 motorists between the ages of 15 to 20 have died as a result of auto accidents in the year of 2010. According to the reports, teen drivers must be taught the importance of not using electronic devices while behind the wheel, which could pose serious risks since drivers can become focused on their phones or iPads instead of focusing on the road ahead.

Safety advocates have also reported that parents should make sure their teens know that having their seat belts on at all times can save their lives. According to the reports, three out of five teen deaths caused by car accidents could have been prevented if the drivers had their seat belts on at the time of the accident. Night driving and having a great amount of car passengers riding along your teen driver should also be avoided. According to the federal agency, passengers can pose a serious distraction risk, which could eventually cause an accident.

Federal agents also encourage parents to talk to their children about drinking and driving. In 2010, reports show, 22% of all teenaged drivers involved in car crashes that resulted in fatalities had been drinking.

Hopefully, parents will start to talk to their teens about the importance of driving safely to prevent accidents that could claim their lives in the future.

For more on how the federal agency has been pushing on keeping teen drivers safe, click here for the full report.

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