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Driverless Car Program Gets Assistance From Traffic Safety Expert

Google has recently reported that its driverless car program will use the help of the deputy director at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to develop self-driving cars that are much safer once they become available to the public.

The traffic safety expert is hopeful that this technology will make vehicles safer and avoid crashes by taking the human error out of the equation. The engineers working on the autonomous car system have completed over 300,000 miles of testing and in ten years, the system will be available to American consumers. The new addition to the program may help Google engineers to develop more intelligent systems that will be able to respond to different traffic situations in order to keep occupants safe.

The expert is leaving his position with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to work with Google. He claims his co-workers’ commitment to safety will continue to inspire him to help the company to develop a much safer and reliable tool. Google has reported that the system should be available to consumers in 10 years from now.

For more on this system and how the safety expert hopes to help the company to make the driverless car safer, click here for the full article.

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