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Driverless Car Summit Highlights Technology Developers’ Hopes

According to a recent article, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International recently held a Driverless Car Summit in Detroit. The reports indicate that the main personalities present in this summit are calling for autonomous vehicles available nationwide by 2022 in spite of the fact many believe that autonomous vehicles may not be fully ready by then.

The reports show that the summit was held by the world’s largest non-profit group dedicated to technological advancements linked to robotics and unmanned systems, which may also include military vehicles and aircraft. Those who advocate for the autonomous car technology hope to make the lives of drivers much less stressful by increasing productivity and allowing the technology to drive the vehicle while the driver simply enjoys the ride.

According to recent reports, Google’s driverless car program may offer certain features like the capability of braking and throttling more smoothly than drivers normally do to several models of vehicles in the future, which could make the riding experience much more pleasant.

The company has already tested its vehicles in Nevada and California. The vehicles equipped with the autonomous technology are tested in 100-mile trips that start from Google’s headquarters, which is located in Mountain View. The autonomous vehicles then travel into San Francisco. The test-drivers usually perform the tests between the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. during weekdays. Two drivers are usually occupying the vehicles at all times. This technology has logged more than 250,000 miles of test without the operators taking the wheel.

As the vehicle is in use, the system is checking several different variables by using a modern vector model mapping that allows the technology to perceive obstacles, lights, intersections, etc.

Engineers responsible for the developing of this technology say that one of the major challenges they have faced to perfect this technology is developing a system that will notice human gestures and recognize eye contact.

While tests are still being conducted, the technology is still not available. Google has reported that its main goal with the developing of the autonomous car system is to improve people’s lives by making their driving experience much more enjoyable and safe. Google executives and other autonomous car enthusiasts believe that fully autonomous vehicles will be available by 2020.

We hope that by then, autonomous car systems will be perfected and ready to recognize certain risks in order to prevent accidents and keep occupants safe.

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