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Electric Car Batteries Could Pose Risk To First Responders

According to several news agencies, the Society of Automotive Engineers issued a statement regarding a recent study claiming that fuel-saving gas-electric hybrid vehicles and all-electric cars could eventually pose a risk to first responders due to the high voltage motors and battery packs.

When these vehicles are involved in serious accidents, the engines and battery packs may pose a potential electric shock risk to first responders since the damaged systems may not disengage immediately after the accident occurs.

The SAE technical committee responsible for the research reported that, since these all-electric and hybrid vehicles have entered the market in great numbers, this is a good time to talk about the risks and how the government can guarantee the safety of first responders by addressing the issue associated with potentially risk batteries.

According to the reports, the group offered certain recommendations to government officials regarding these potential risks. One of the ideas proposed by experts concerns the use of switches that would turn the battery power off in the event of a crash. Other recommendations have been proposed. At this moment, more than 435,000 hybrid and battery powered cars are being used in America.

Hopefully, lawmakers and the auto industry will work to come up with better safety regulations regarding battery powered vehicles in order to keep occupants safe.

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