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Electrical Fire Prompts Dodge Challenger Recall

Several news agencies have reported that all units of the 2013 Dodge Challenger models with V6 engines are being recalled over a possible issue that could result in a short circuit.

Affected Challenger vehicles are equipped with engines that may overheat, increasing the risk of a fire. The company has urged affected consumers to avoid driving the vehicle and parking it near any structure. Challengers that have been equipped with V8 engines are not part of this recall.

According to the company, seven incidents associated with these vehicles have been reported. Wires in the engines of the affected cars overheated, but didn’t cause any injuries. To prevent any future incidents, the company has stated that all affected vehicles are being repaired. Consumers with the recalled Challengers will be given loaner cars until the issue is promptly eradicated.

Lemon can owners are aware of the headache of owning a car that is constantly breaking or presenting mechanical issues. California drivers with the recalled vehicles should not ignore this recall. As an attorney, I hope this recall l campaign is successful and that all affected vehicles are repaired before any more incidents are reported.

To read the full recall announcement and learn more about this particular issue, follow this link for the announcement.

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