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Electronic Stability Control Technology Saves Lives

According to several news reports and articles published by the Consumer Reports, a study performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has demonstrated that 2,200 lives were spared in a three-year period due to the presence of electronic stability control in their vehicles.

According to the federal agency, crash data recovered from the period between 2008 and 2010 was gathered and analyzed by federal agents. The results show that after the technology was added to several newer vehicles, 634 lives were saved in the year of 2008, 705 lives were saved in 2009, and 863 lives were spared in the year of 2010 due to the safety benefits of the stability control system.

According to federal agents, the technology is now part of all standards for automakers. The trend shows that vehicles with the technology tend to be much safer than vehicles without the stability control. If federal standards require new vehicles to be equipped with the safety technology, more lives will be spared in the future.

The study suggests that the lives saved in the accidents with vehicles equipped with the technology may have not been spared otherwise since the technology helps the vehicle to stay on its path while the driver is negotiating a turn. The technology helps the vehicle to avoid skidding or sliding and brakes the vehicle momentarily to help reduce the risk. Depending on how developed the system is, the stability control feature can also reduce the engine power to keep the car on its course.

When the driver is operating his or her vehicle while traveling on wet roads, the system also provides an extra control capability by avoiding accidents and keeping the vehicle stable in slippery conditions.

Motorists with SUVs or pickup trucks may benefit even more with the use of the ESC technology due to the fact it may keep the vehicle from rolling over in certain situations. Drivers who are looking into purchasing used vehicles must keep in mind that they should look for a vehicle with the electronic stability control technology available, which could help to keep them safe. Inexperienced drivers particularly can benefit from the use of the ESC system, experts say.

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