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Experts Like The Audi Allroad But Is It For Everyone?

Experts have been test-driving the new Audi Allroad and the reports show that this model could be easily described as a favorite among auto specialists.

What some experts have been wondering is if the fact that this model offers an excellent ride justifies its steep price.

The bare model is available for $39,600, according to the reports. Once you start adding features, the price skyrockets. The Convenience Package, which offers a series of features such as music interface with an iPod cable, trip computer, HomeLink and Bluetooth, could push the vehicle’s price up to $43,570.

The basic Convenience Package does not offer the driver any navigation technology or even a powered liftgate, experts say.

Consumers looking for a basic luxurious wagon would be better off with the Acura TSX wagon, which comes with a great sound system and navigation all for $36,405. Other advantages of ditching the Audi Allroad for the Acura TSX includes its fuel efficiency: TSX is capable of delivering 25 mpg overall as opposed to 22 mpg the Allroad offers.

Consumers looking for an even better price deal could stick with the Subaru Outback wagon, which is a refined vehicle that offers a well-equipped package that would drive he price up to $30,000.

As an attorney, I appreciate it when experts take the time to compare vehicles, performances and affordability factors. California drivers looking for a new model after having to deal with a lemon are welcome to read more about this particular vehicle by clicking here.

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