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Experts Review The New Smart Fortwo & It Doesn’t Look Promising

The new Smart Fortwo an be a great vehicle for those who have nightmares about parking, however, experts believe that in spite of this one great trait, the model is too weak to be recommended.

Reports indicate that this model has a roomy interior and is the perfect size to fit almost anywhere. In spite of these qualities, this model may present a questionable value proposition since it doesn’t seem to be enough of a vehicle for the value presented in its price tag. Sue to this vehicle’s lack of common standard features and light weight, this model may feel somewhat rough while traveling on the roadway.

Performance feels bland and auto-manual transmission may be somewhat irritating to drivers who are not used to it. Consumers who are looking into a car that is more like a full vehicle and not a glimpse into an unrefined small city dwelling means of transportation may not enjoy this model.

If you’re in California and you’re looking for a very small and practical vehicle, you may enjoy this new model. As an attorney, I can see why this vehicle’s lack of features and safety technologies may worry some.

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