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Experts Save Money Buying Car Tires to Help You Save

When it comes to keeping your vehicle up to date with the repairs it needs to continue working at top shape, experts urge you to keep in mind that tires consist of an important component that should not be overlooked.

Many consumers have a hard time finding tires that are both new and inexpensive to replace expired or bald ones in their vehicles. Experts decided to come together to experiment with purchasing tires and found out just how consumers can go about finding the best deals without putting too much effort into it.

Those who decided to take on this challenge went to three major retailers to purchase the most inexpensive set of tires they could find. They compared the experiences and found out more about the variables that could eventually change the final price of the products.

Experts reported that they were able to find the best deal at Tire Rack. From the retailer’s website, they were able to find four Continental tires for $101 per tire. The shipment cost added up to $47.82.

The company notified the experts via email when the products were shipped and when the installer they chose received the products. They called the installer and scheduled a visit to have the tires promptly installed, which lasted about an hour. Their new set of tires plus the cost of shipment and installation added up to $523.05. The company recommends installers in your area but never go for the most expensive one, says the expert. When they tested Tire Rack, they chose to go with the installer that charged less, otherwise, the price for their new tires would go above the $600 mark.

After Tire Rack, experts tried Town Fair Tire online. They found the process of choosing the less costly tires absolutely painless and effortless. They completed the order, found the store branch that was the closest to them where the new tires could be installed and finally scheduled a date to have the tires installed to their vehicle. Each tire cost the experts $124 per tire. Despite the fact the tires were more expensive, the company offered a front-wheel alignment service for free. The company also offers a free lifetime flat repair and rotation and the chance to return the product if the consumer is not satisfied with its 30-day test drive option. All of those extras are part of what the experts paid for the tires.

The tires plus the installation cost them $591.09.

At Sears, experts found tires at $112,06 each. If you don’t find the tires in stock, you need to complete the order over the phone to request the new tires. Once they had the tires the experts ordered, representatives contacted the consumers to let them know they had the tires they ordered. The experts then scheduled a visit to the closest store to have the tires installed. With Sears, experts got the tires, the installation plus taxes for $540.47.

Experts believe that with the Internet, finding new and better tires at a good price is easy.

To learn more about the three retailers and what experts have to say about their services, follow this link.

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