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Feds Could Add 1 Million Cars To Previous GM Recall

Multiple news agencies have reported that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been investigating an issue with certain mid-size cars that could potentially add 1 million vehicles to a previous GM recall.

According to the reports, the federal agency along GM issued a recall in 2009 concerning 8,000 units of Pontiac G6 mid-size cars, which were known to have been equipped with brake lights that would not come on once the pedal was pressed.

The federal agency decided to initiate the investigation after it received 97 complaints related to 2004 through 2011 Chevrolet Malibu models and 2007 through 2009 Saturn Aura vehicles. Up to this moment, the agency stated at least 550,000 units of 2005 through 2009 G6 vehicles have been added to the previous recall.

As an attorney, I believe it’s important that the federal agency is looking into this matter to make sure that all affected vehicles are recalled before any accidents are reported. California drivers with any of the potentially affected vehicles may follow this link to read more about this investigation and the potential risks associated with the cars. Consumers who have experienced issues with lemons in the past should always be on top of recall news in order to learn more about potential issues with their vehicles.

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