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Find The Best & Most Affordable Vehicle for Your Teen

Multiple news agencies have indicated that at times, teen drivers worry their parents, especially when it comes to ensuring that teens are aware of the risks linked with using their phones or other devices while operating a vehicle.

Safety advocates believe that worrying about the teen’s behavior is nothing out of the ordinary but many things could be done in order to provide the teen with a type of vehicle that could lessen the injury risks in the event of an accident.

According to a survey carried out by the USAA, at least 81 percent of American parents are concerned mostly with reliability when looking for a new vehicle for their teens. Safety ratings come in second. Teens, the survey shows, are also worried about safety ratings. Some basic car safety features should always be present in a vehicle that you’re looking into purchasing for your teen such as side-impact air bags. However, new technologies are becoming the new cool and safety gadgets such as built-in rearview cameras and alert systems that keep the driver from changing lanes into another vehicle are also becoming priorities to novice drivers.

Parents and teens alike are urged to focus on choosing vehicles with certain features that in the long run will keep the novice driver safe and give parents the peace of mind they need in order to let their children drive their own cars.

Experts urge parents to take come factors into consideration when looking into a new vehicle. When you’re doing your research into the best types of vehicles for your teen, keep in mind that tools online can help you to find the true market price of the vehicle you’re looking into purchase in order to be prepared to negotiate with the dealer.

Parents concerned about the costs linked to purchasing a new vehicle for their teens should look into the vehicle’s cost of ownership as well. Even if the vehicle you’re about to purchase seems like a good deal, repair, fuel, insurance and overall maintenance could accumulate and drive the cost of ownership up.

Experts also urge concerned parents to use technology that can track the driver and register the vehicle’s driving data. This could help parents keep an eye on their teens and how they are handling their vehicles since the device would register data concerning acceleration, routes, brake usage, etc.

Looking into the vehicle’s crash-test ratings could also give the parent a good idea on how safe their children would be if involved in an accident while occupying the vehicle.

You can click here to read the full article and learn more about what kind of steps parents should take in order to find the best, most reliable and safest vehicle for their teens.

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