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Ford Announces New Safety Technology

According to a series of news agencies, Ford has allowed the public to take a look into some of the technology the company’s engineers have been working on by announcing a series of new safety systems that should be available in Ford vehicles in the near future. Reports show that Ford is not the only automaker working on groundbreaking safety technologies and that certain systems could change the way we operate vehicles significantly.

One of the technologies is Ford’s traffic jam assist, which is a semi-autonomous driving device that help the vehicle to keep pace with the cars driving ahead with the help of cameras and radars, which could even steer the car itself if needed.

Ford executives have also reported the company will be launching a perpendicular parking system that could make parallel parking a much easier task for motorists who have a hard time while performing the task. Hopefully, Ford and other automakers will launch even safer and more efficient vehicles in the near future in order to help drivers with the task of making roads safer for everyone.

For more on Ford’s new technologies and how it could make vehicles safer in the future, click here to read the full report.

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