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Ford Celebrates Innovation With The Anniversary Of Henry Ford’s Assembly Line

With so many innovations and new technologies, it’s hard to think that the first auto production line was developed only 100 years ago.

That’s right: exactly one hundred years ago, the Ford Model T was being manufactured in the first factory of its kind in the world. To celebrate the achievement, Ford Motor Company is celebrating the T-related centennial by also commemorating what was the creation of what would come to be a true breakthrough and innovation: the automotive assembly line.

The manufacturing process that made it possible for drivers to afford buying a car was led by Charlie “Cast Iron” Sorensen. The pioneering effort made the process of building a car a more efficient task. Henry Ford had no idea that by developing the assembly line manufacturing process he was about to revolutionize the industry and push the world into a completely new era. The process started with Sorensen and 29 other workers. Each worker performed a different task, which led to fast production of several vehicles. According to the reports, vehicles were assembled faster than ever before. Assembly time had gone from 12 hours to six.

To read more about Henry Ford and his achievements with the creation of the automotive assembly line, follow this link for the full article.

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