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Ford Hybrid Vehicles May Not Live Up To 47 MPG Claims

According to a series of news agencies, automakers have been trying to answer new fuel economy requirements by developing new vehicles with more economical engines.

As of late, multiple new models have been launched with exalted mpg claims and because some of these claims may seem a bit too high on paper, experts have decided to put some of these vehicles to the test. It’s what happened with the new Ford C-Max Hybrid and the new Ford Fusion Hybrid, reports show. According to a recent article, although multiple car makers have made fabulous fuel efficiency claims, the most impressive mpg estimated rating was declared by Ford with its new hybrid vehicles.

The company has estimated that both vehicles could get up to 47 miles per gallon in city and highway driving. New Ford Hybrid vehicle owners, however, beg to differ. The two hybrid models turn out to get less mileage per gallon than what the company happily affirmed, drivers claim. According to recent articles, owners have been reporting that their vehicles have not lived up to expectations. Average Ford C-Max owners claim they have been getting about 40.5 mpg while Fusion Hybrid owners only get 37.1 miles per gallon.

Some experts decided to also test the vehicles but official results haven’t been reported yet. Drivers say they get varied results, which is an expected consequence of real-world driving experiences.

According to one publication, however, the Ford C-Max has been achieving about 33 mpg and 39 mpg while the tested Fusion Hybrid has been getting 40 mpg. Although these are great fuel ratings, they fall short from what the automaker Ford has promised to offer consumers.

Recently, the EPA forced the automaker Hyundai to restate the ratings and fuel economy estimates for 23 models of the company’s vehicles after they overestimated the rating of Hyundai cars’ mpg rating. Hyundai is now reportedly spending over $100 million a year to refund every single driver who purchased Hyundai vehicles that promised a better fuel efficiency and estimated better gas mileage for all of the extra fuel they have been using.

At this moment, the automaker Hyundai has been working on correcting issues with these vehicles to ensure that newer models will live up to expectations. Up to this moment, no official word regarding the mpg ratings of the new Ford hybrids has been stated.

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