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Ford Identifies Issue With Fusion, Escape Models

According to recent articles, Ford has issued a recall for all units of its 2013 Fusion and Escape models over fire risks.

The recall that affected 89,153 vehicles was issued after the company heard about several reports of incidents associated with the overheating of the engines in these vehicles. Now, the company has stated that the issue behind the fire risk has been identified.

News agencies have reported that the automaker claimed that a simple software update could keep these recalled vehicles from posing any more fire risks to consumers. The company has also ensured that the software update will work to ensure that the cooling system will work efficiently to keep the turbocharged engine from overheating.

Affected owners of the recalled vehicles are being notified by the company and the software in every recalled car will be updated for free. According to the news agencies covering this recall, since Ford wasn’t able to identify the issue that was leading to the overheating of the engines in these vehicles, affected owners got loaner cars from authorized dealers.

Since the defect that led to the overheating issue was a combination of problems with the car’s cooling system software and a possible low pressure that may have been caused by a loose filler cap in the cooling system, the company ensures all affected vehicles will be fully inspected and repaired for free at authorized dealers.

To read more about the issue with the recalled Ford cars, click here for the full article.

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