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Free Airbag Safety Check Offered By CARFAX

Several media outlets have reported that CARFAX is offering a service that provides a free airbag check for all vehicle owners in the country.

According to the news, the company’s website will offer drivers a service that will present records of prior vehicle airbag deployments, which could help consumers to make better informed decisions when it comes to purchasing used vehicles.

The company hopes that all car owners will be able to use this free service to make sure they are purchasing vehicles that are equipped with fully functional airbags.

This service is more important than ever, experts believe, because of a recent report regarding the presence of counterfeit airbags in certain vehicles that had been repaired after being involved in accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that after a businessman involved in the sales of thousands of counterfeit airbags was arrested for the practice, multiple vehicles were discovered to have been equipped with the forged safety items.

Lives of consumers could be at risk and because of that, you and your loved ones should remember that ensuring all of your auto safety devices are working properly could save lives.

For more on this free airbag checking service, click here for the full article.

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