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Free Car & Child Safety Event Carried Out By Scouts, Chevrolet

According to several articles, a group of Cub Scouts teamed up with Safe Kids Buckle Up and Chevrolet to organize an event that would promote safety and accident prevention.

According to recent statistics, a great number of children fatalities are linked to preventable accidents and because of that, these groups came together to ensure drivers are aware of the risks associated with the incorrect use of car safety seats and other safety devices.

The event was held last Saturday and according to the news, safety technicians and pack leaders organized instructional activities for car owners. Parents were asked certain questions such as “What would be the best and safest position for a lap and shoulder seat belt?”  and “When would you consider it’s OK for a child to play near a car?” before the activities started.

To learn more about this event, click here to read the full article.

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