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Garmin And Magellan TomTom Navigators Not Too Exciting, Experts Say

New GPS devices are constantly being developed and older models are always being updated for ease of travel.

TomTom these days, seems to be quite the household name, according to the news. The newest navigation line designed by TomTom, known simply as Garmin and Magellan, have both caused experts to be confused and even to arrive at mixed conclusions over dubious test results associated with these two devices and their performance charts.

While some of the functions on the user interface in these GPS systems have improved greatly, landmark guidance was a bit confusing to drivers who tested the devices. According to several reports, the device lacked information on some landmarks and ended up highlighting others that weren’t obvious.

Some of the information available in both of these models of GPS devices was plain outdated, according to some reviews. Knowing that streets and businesses change quite often, systems like these should be updated periodically, which doesn’t seem to be the case with the POI information on these devices.

Experts believe that from all TomToms, these new models seem to come with a software that is capable of running oddly, which makes the driver feel like the user interface has been dumbed down. Some of the reviews also pointed out that the EasyPort mount these TomToms come with can be quite obnoxious. According to the news, the mount that comes in a folding ring-style shape should be compact and easy to use if you’re traveling around, however, when you’re trying to adjust the mount to the device, the TomToms can pop off unexpectedly or rotate to an odd position while the vehicle is in motion.

Sometimes, drivers may end up assuming that just because certain brands are known for making better and more efficient products with each new lineup, it doesn’t mean that all new products launched by such companies are better than before. Before purchasing any system, experts urge consumers to always check the GPS item’s ratings and reviews before setting your mind on one device.

Make sure to check the factors that matter the most to you so you’re able to make a well-informed decision. Remember that newer is not always better.

If you would like to learn more regarding this review and what experts believe are the best and worst traits of these new devices, read the full article here:

Mixed test results from the latest Garmin, Magellan, TomTom navigators

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