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Georgia Police Organizes Car Safety Fair

According to several news agencies, the police in Georgia is planning an auto show that would promote car safety to Atlanta residents.

This is one of the many car safety seat and auto safety events being organized across the country.

The news agencies have indicated that the 2013 Cops and Rodders Car, Motorcycle and Driver Safety Show will be featuring a car show, driver safety exhibits and driving simulators that would allow teens to learn about the dangers of texting and driving and drinking and driving. A free driving course will also be available to teen motorists during the event. Awards will also be available for grabs for winning vehicles. All car owners who would like to participate have to pay a small fee.

The event is free for attendees. Teens are urged to participate in the driving courses and simulators in order to learn more about important it is to drive safely and avoid distractions at all times.

Hopefully, more events like this will be organized more often in order to make the population aware of the risks associated with unsafe driving practices such as texting while behind the wheel.

To learn more details about this driver safety fair and how to participate, click here to read the full review.

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