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GM Continues To Use Coolant That Could Be Flammable

Several agencies have indicated that in spite of the fact that Daimler has recently announced it no longer uses the automotive refrigerant HFO-1234yf due to potential flammability risks, General Motors continues to use the chemical.

The reports show that Mercedes-Benz vehicles using the chemical are already being recalled over safety concerns related to the chemical. Volkswagen has also reported that it will be delaying the use of the coolant until further tests are conducted and more details are reported. An older cooler known as HFC-134a will be used instead. General Motors stated recently that GM vehicles like the Cadillac XTS that use the potentially flammable HFO-1234yf will continue to use the coolant until Mercedes-Benz has reported more on its findings regarding this chemical and its flammability issues.

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