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Golf, Land Rover And Fiat Score 5-Star Ratings In Safety Tests

According to multiple media outlets, NCAP has recently revealed its crash test results concerning several new models of vehicles.

The agency tests vehicles for how safe and reliable their body is and for how well these models do in multiple crash tests. According to experts, 15 vehicles have been tested recently. Land Rover received a five-star rating in spite of announcing that the company will be working to improve its vehicles’ whiplash protection.

The new Volkswagen Golf has also scored well in the crash tests due to the fact this new model has been equipped with multiple new safety technologies like driver assistance and multi collision brake systems.

According to the news, Safety systems designed by the German automaker have been also awarded by Euro NCAP Advanced. According to specialists, other vehicles equipped with advanced safety technologies like the new Ford Fiesta and Mercedes-Benz’ A-Class have also been benefiting by receiving top safety awards.

Some of the vehicles tested that got five stars include the Fiat 500L, the Ford Kuga and Fiesta, the Hyundai Santa Fe, the Mitsubishi Outlander, the new Range Rover and the Subaru Forester.

Hopefully, more automakers will focus on developing safety technologies that will keep motorists and passengers safe.

For the full article concerning NCAP and its crash test results, click here.

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