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Google’s Self-Driving Cars Deemed Ready For Commuting

Multiple media outlets have been covering the evolution of the autonomous car or Google’s self-driving car project and according to the reports, this new system might as well be one of the most ground-breaking experiments the company has embraced and worked on since Google’s inception.

According to the news agencies reporting on every new step of the company’s new endeavor, Google has recently announced that the fleet of autonomous vehicles has already driven 300,000 miles and no accident has ever been reported in any of the trips. This positive rating puts this project ahead and makes the engineers working in this driverless technology excited about what’s coming next.

Although this is a major step for the company, engineers claim that they still have a long way to go and that the obstacles they will face to make this project come through should not be ignored. Engineers also claim that the system is not entirely perfect and the technology is still not able to deal with every single hurdle and condition under the sun.

According to specialists, these autonomous cars haven’t learned how to drive across snow-covered roads for an instance, which could be a major issue engineers must work on before releasing the vehicle.

Google’s driverless technology is also not very familiarized with temporary construction signs, which could put the vehicle in a risky situation.

The company stated that the autonomous vehicles have been driven about 300,000 miles but details regarding their routes and Google’s secret racecourse have not been disclosed as of yet.

As part of the experiment, Google is also looking into allowing their team’s members to take the autonomous vehicles home to have them driving them back to work the next morning, which could help engineers to learn more about the system’s flaws so they are able to work on any remaining issue.

At this moment, engineers believe that their team’s members will be able to handle this vehicle easily because the driverless system has reached a point where the driver will be safe handling the car on his or her own.

Although most driverless systems were implemented on Prius vehicles, the company reported that Lexus RX450h hybrid vehicles will also be used for tests in the near future.
Engineers are hopeful that Google’s driverless car technology will help motorists to be more productive while staying safe behind the wheel during their commutes. The company has stated that the engineers responsible for this project are working hard to make this system become available to all drivers as soon as possible.

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