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‘Halo’ Warning Lights Developed To Increase Auto Safety

Several news agencies have reported that the company Continental has decided to design an eye-catching visual alert system called Halo that would ensure the driver is warned of potential risks in case the motorist has become distracted.

The company has created a series of lights that will be added to the inside of the vehicle and that will be activated every time the motorist happens to be unaware of a potential hazard or careless lane change.

Newer vehicles are equipped with automated braking and steering systems that keep the drivers safe from potential risks by being activated if the user behind the wheel fails to notice the hazards, now, Continental has decided to develop this warning technology in order to ensure drivers are constantly reminded if they happen to lose focus of what is going on with his or her surroundings.

Automakers and technology developers have been working together to come up with solutions to several problems that have been linked to fatal accidents such as distracted driving. Vehicles are being equipped with smart technology and devices that help drivers to stay safe and avoid accidents.

To learn more about this technology and what the new warning lights could do to keep you safe, follow this link for the full article.

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