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Hyundai Recalls Veloster Models, Sunroof Issues Reported

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued yet another recall for certain Hyundai Veloster models over a potential issue with the vehicle’s sunroof assemblies.

According to the federal agency, the Veloster vehicles manufactured between July 4, 2011 and October 31, 2011 have been equipped with certain sunroof assemblies that may have been weakened during manufacturing. If the vehicle is equipped with weakened structures, the sunroof glass may fracture, which could result in an incident that may lead to injuries.

To prevent accidents and keep drivers safe from any potential injury linked to the defective sunroof assemblies, the company has stated that all recalled vehicles are being fully inspected and then repaired for free. If you have purchased a 2012 Veloster and you haven’t been contacted by the company in regard to this recall, follow this link to read more details on this report and how to proceed in order to have this issue promptly solved.

Prevent accidents by acting promptly whenever you’re affected by a recall announcement. Failing to act can result in incidents that could also lead to injuries.

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