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I-CAR Unveils What Speakers Will Talk About During Upcoming Conference

Multiple news sources have been indicating that I-CAR has recently announced that Chrysler Group’s Director of Regulatory Affairs will be soon talking about the industry’s fuel efficiency standards and how they could impact the way in which automakers design their vehicles.

He’ll also be talking about his responsibilities as a director of regulatory affairs. According to multiple reports, the industry has been shifting its focus on making vehicles more fuel-efficient by making them lighter. That is also going to be one of the subjects that will be addressed during the Inter-Industry Conference.

Automakers are required to follow certain vehicle emissions certification and vehicle safety compliance standards in order to comply with federal regulations issued by the EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

During the event, multiple speakers will be addressing the problem related to safety as well. They will be talking about federal regulation that focuses on ensuring automaker follow standards by producing and offering certain safety features that ensure drivers and occupants could have a better chance of escaping serious injuries in most accidents.

One of the speakers will talk about the development of safety technology and how auto safety technology is changing the way we drive.

More interesting subjects will be covered such as the integration of vehicle safety systems, communication technology and background on what the federal agencies hope to do with technology that analyzes driver behavior.

Since strict regulations concerning fuel efficiency have been enacted, automakers saw the necessity of changing how they design vehicles. Critics suggest that this problem may have pushed for the development of unsafe cars while others believe that the application of more safety technologies have counterbalanced the problems that could be the consequence of how light most modern vehicles are.

A panel will be organized in order to bring several experts together to discuss the realms of the collision repair world.

To learn more about I-CAR and what the industry is preparing for this event, you can follow this link for the full article. As an attorney, I encourage you and others to make sure that you know what kind of safety features the car you’re interested in purchasing offer before you make up your mind.

Remember that standard safety features could help you to save the lives of your loved ones. Do your own research while looking for a vehicle that will meet your needs and the needs of your loved ones.

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